Alan Cesar
Alan Cesar Dork
5/21/13 3:18 p.m.

Building a roll cage isn't terribly complicated, but it is real work. After fabricating the cage feet—MiataCage sends excellent instructions along with their very complete kit—we started tacking up the back section.

After carefully measuring, notching and tacking, the recipe book says to remove the back section completely from the car to finish welding. The idea here is that welding up-side down and at crazy angles is difficult, so removing it from the car means we can flip the assembly around and always weld at an easy angle.

So we did. Then we reinstalled the welded section and welded it in. Afterward, we wrapped up the front section, and ran into some snags with fitting our big seat in this small car.

Want more detail? Stay tuned. Look for full coverage of this cage installation in the pages of Grassroots Motorsports Magazine.

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