Serious enthusiasts know that handling is where it’s at. The best driveline in the galaxy is worthless if it’s surrounded by mushy shocks, cheese ball tires and a wonky alignment. Building better performance through a solid foundation has been our Prime Directive for more than two decades. It’s part of the reason why we get out of bed every morning.

While we often discuss handling fixes on these pages, now it’s time to look at the total package: Here are 10 simple steps to better handling.

We’re going to start with a totally bone-stock vehicle and increase the handling by 10 clicks. Sure, we hope our end result is a car that can adeptly make its way around a track. However, there’s a slight twist: We’re not going to turn this into a race-only rattle trap. Bolting on a set of race-valved shocks and competition-bred tires would be too easy. In addition to being faster, the final car must also be composed and civilized.

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1/8/19 2:04 p.m.

Very good article! Did the stiffer rear bar create wheel lift on hard cornering? the question for me is: how much rear bar to use to prevent front inner wheel spin when powering through a corner.


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