Tim Suddard
Tim Suddard Publisher
9/15/03 6:13 p.m.

Our Ro-Spit has been on another diet. This time the all-steel nose has been removed and a fiberglass nose from Japco Raceglas has been expertly painted and fitted by The Body Werks in Holly Hill, Fla. Adapting racing fiberglass parts to what is essentially still a street car is no easy job. We needed expert help and we got it.

The Body Werks owner, Tom Prescott, is a wizard at this daunting task. He expertly glassed in a metal brace underneath the trailing edge of the hood. This strengthened the hood and allowed him to permanently bend the hood slightly to perfectly line up the hood with the cowl.

When the cutting, trimming and painting were all done it was time for a weigh-in. Previously, our Ro-Spit weighed 1735 pounds with nearly no fuel. With our recent round of modifications the Ro-Spit now weighs 1630 pounds with a full tank of fuel. LF (422) RF (463) LR (382) and RR (363). With a driver in the car the weights are way closer to even both side to side and front to rear.

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