californiamilleghia HalfDork
5/9/19 1:51 p.m.

Hi , we just had some suspension parts cut out by waterjet , and we still need to weld them together

But then we need to paint them , they cannot be powercoated because there are too many hidden areas that powder coating will not get into.

So we were thinking of dip painting them in a bucket of Rustoleum.

It is only to keep the raw bare metal from rusting , 

What would you use to thin the Rustoleum with ,  and what will dry out the paint the best ?

Has anyone done this before ? Any tricks or disasters to look forward to ?

Thanks for your advise

Dusterbd13-michael MegaDork
5/9/19 1:54 p.m.

When spraying Rust-Oleum on an automotive exterior application, we sent it with mineral spirits and add a touch of hardener. I don't see why this wouldn't work for dip painting as well.

Dr. Hess
Dr. Hess MegaDork
5/9/19 2:14 p.m.

"Mineral Spirits" based regular, not slow, paint thinner.  Cheap at Wally world or Lowes.  You can also use acetone, but I always thin with mineral spirits paint thinner.  I've added hardener occasionally also.

Dr. Hess
Dr. Hess MegaDork
5/9/19 2:16 p.m.

Oh, also, when you're done and it has air dried, try to hang is up in your shop oven and bake it at like 200 or so until it stops smelling.  I think I have even gone to 300.  It really "sets" the paint.

stuart in mn
stuart in mn MegaDork
5/9/19 5:40 p.m.

I've read that back in the day auto manufacturers would dip paint some components (like suspension A-arms) by floating a thin layer of paint on top of a vessel filled with water.  I know some people have tried it at home with a water bucket.

californiamilleghia HalfDork
5/10/19 8:15 a.m.


What percent mineral spirits can I add ,?

I was planning on dumping the gallon of Rustoleum in a 5 gallon pail and adding mineral spirits.

Dr. Hess
Dr. Hess MegaDork
5/10/19 9:05 a.m.

I typically thin my Rustoleum 25-33% when spraying.  I don't see why you couldn't go 50%.  Or 0% and just slosh it around.  If you can get it, the Appliance Epoxy is incredible stuff.

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