Tim Suddard
Tim Suddard Publisher
9/15/03 8:31 p.m.

With the 914 nearly done and merrily driving along, disaster struck on August 25. On that fateful day, as Margie pulled into the driveway the transmission froze up. Once on the lift, it was clear that it was not a matter of linkage, but something internal. we assume that a shift fork has come lose or broken. Ouch, this will be the third time this transmission has been in and out of the car.

Fortunately, this was under warranty and transmission builder Gary Wigglesworth volunteered to fly down Tony, his top transmission guy to remedy the problem here at the GRM workshop. We'll give you a full report, once we diagnose the problem. Ahh, the reality of project cars...

On a more positive note, one of the last cosmetic things that needed to be finished on the 914 is going much better. We decided to stick with the CFR Welding exhaust which looks, sounds and works beautifully. Unfortunately, it exits on the opposite side of the stock exhaust. So, while we aren't great at rebuilding transmissions, we love a good welding and fabrication project.

As the photos show, we made short work of this job with our new HTP welder and some scrap sheet stock we had laying around the shop. As soon as the transmission is remedied, we will install the rear valance and be just about done with Project 914.

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