Didn't get enough Viper tech tips in the November 2013 issue? Have some more.

Purchase a rear lower shock mount that changes the spring motion ratio. These run about $500-800. The geometry change corrects the motion ratio and ride frequency of the suspension.

A mono-ball suspension arm takes friction out of the suspension arms. It also gives the car a quicker response to the road and driver inputs. You will feel more connected with the road and the car. Suspension arms with spherical bearings or mono-ball bushings will cost around $3200.

The factory allows for bump steer adjustments. You can purchase the shims from the Dodge for $100. The shims will set the height of the front steering rack and the height of the inner rear ball joints to affect bump steer. We have found that it is relatively easy to get the car to have a toe change of less than 0.020-inch through 3 inches of vertical wheel travel. We measure bump steer with a plate that is the length equal to the outer diameter of the tire. Some shops use a 13” stock car plate. We increase our resolution for adjustment with the larger plate. This makes the car very predictable and easy to drive on the edge of tire grip.

Make certain that the rake and corner balance is set properly. The rake is very important to the balance of the Viper.

Change the ball joints to a low friction height adjustable type. You can change the roll center front and rear with this type of ball joints.

Set the proper rear caster setting. You can set the rear caster by adjusting the rear lower control arm position. The magic number is 1 degree or so. This will help the car transfer power to the track.

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omtimo None
12/14/13 7:31 p.m.

great tips, keep posting :)

3/5/17 12:15 a.m.

Great article thanks for the tips as I'm looking to modify my viper suspension for track and this is very helpful.

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