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njansenv HalfDork
3/23/11 7:50 p.m.
Jaynen wrote: Just FYI I purchased a new to me mk4 2000 Jetta TDI in LA about 2 months ago with 125k miles on the clock (timing belt was done at 90k) and the guy sold me the VAGCOM unit with it for 6k, my coworker also just picked up a 2001 with about 134k miles for 7k Definitely does not drive like a gas car but it sure likes the highway and 45mpg on average while doing 75-80mph is pretty awesome. As well as the 550-600mile fuel tank range. For commuting its hard to beat, but I keep hoping for a little more "fun" which is why I am thinking of a weekend car. The VW bluesport concept looks similar to something I could really enjoy but now that I know about it I will definitely be watching the FF project develop.

OT: Try venting the tank - 800-830 miles per tank, every time on my MkIV Golf.

OnT: I really hope this kit comes through...it sounds like a great option as a fun, economical commuter.

jlphil New Reader
5/11/11 8:05 p.m.

IT LIVES! Mark just teased us with a short vid of the G3F's first drive in the parking lot of his warehouse. Body on, engine sounds interesting (lot of turbo whine; some sound-related tuning to be done!), and most important thing is that, to my eye, the thing looks great.

Anyhow, see what you think. I've been tuning my donor, and am ready to wield the sacred saw to that Jetta sheetmetal VERY SOON. Smyth G3F first drive vid

jlphil New Reader
6/10/11 12:28 p.m.

I'm dismantling my donor Jetta now, planning to cut it apart with a Sawzall on June 19 with Mark Smith's personal supervision (he doesn't want me to mess up the first Beta build!), and will complete the build in August if all goes as planned. This project is definitely happening. I've started a blog about it if you are interested, at G3F Build Blog

One important point: The Smyth Performance G3F kit has no connection to Factory Five Racing. Mark was the engineer/designer of the original Factory Five Roadster kit and its "one donor car" concept, plus a lot more. However, the G3F is being developed and built by a separate company Mark founded, Smyth Performance. I have no financial connection to either company, but consider Mark and Dave Smith to be dear friends and fellow motorheads.

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