Tim Suddard
Tim Suddard Publisher
10/30/00 5:59 p.m.

On October 27, as part of the Vintage Triumph Register's Southeast Regional meet in Lake City, Fla., project Ro-Spit took FTD at the autocross with Steve Eckerich behind the wheel. Less than a second back was Tim with a 65.5-second run, closely followed by J.K. Jackson with a 65.6-second run. Another second back was Chris Moore, who finished second at the Solo II Nationals this year in DSPL.

All four drivers were running the GRM Ro-Spit. The project car held up well to the abuse, as all four drivers took four runs apiece on the very bumpy and rough, but very fast, airport course. Jody Miller finished fifth overall with a 69-second run in his nicely modified Triumph TR6.

"This is what we built this thing for: to come out, have a bunch of people drive it, have fun and not have to worry about overheating, breakage and that sort of stuff," Tim explained. "We still have a little dialing-in to do, but we are very happy with the way the car is performing now." The results speak for themselves.

Plans for the car this winter call for the removal of another 100 pounds of weight, development of an improved exhaust system and some more suspension fine-tuning. Look for the car to run again next spring.

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