Tk8398 Reader
11/4/18 1:06 a.m.

I need to replace the struts on mine, but I had kinda forgotten that while I could explain how one works, I find actually operating a spring compressor impossible when struts are involved (most of the cars I have owned didn't have struts).  I got the struts apart, but when I try to put them back together the outside of the spring is pressed against the strut shaft at the top and there is no way to line it up close enough to get the top hat on.  I can always pay someone else to do that part, but with working full time it means the car will be off the road for another 3 weeks or so most likely.  The spring compressor I was trying to use looks like this:


I also tried one of these but the coils are too few/too far apart to get them both on the spring with room to compress it far enough.  Does anyone have any other ideas I should try?



NGTD UberDork
11/4/18 9:26 p.m.

I've done struts on an 02 WRX using compressors like the HF ones. They have more spring rate than an Outback.

Just have to maneuver them around until you can compress enough coils to work.

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