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6/19/18 2:10 p.m.

The year was 1962. The Beach Boys had just released “409,” an all-American, high school tribute to four-speed transmissions, dual quads and Posi-Traction. Their follow-up 1963 hit, “Little Deuce Coupe,” continued the band’s celebration of mechanical speed. And in 1964 the same group brought us “Fun, Fun, Fun,” clearly a lyrical homage to the Ford Thunderbird and the magical opposite-sex-attracting powers it possessed.

However, the title to their 1966 smash, “Good Vibrations,” clearly indicated that Brian Wilson was not a brake engineer.

Quite simply, brake vibrations are never a good thing. In fact, a common saying in the brake industry is this: “The best brake system is an invisible brake system.” Let’s try to understand why this can sometimes be so difficult to achieve.

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