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iceracer UberDork
3/16/13 4:50 p.m.
kking199 wrote: Thanks for the compliments everyone. Means a lot to me. The car is a blast to drive. I enjoy it as much or more now than ever before. The first car I learned to drive fast in was a brand new bone stock (no A/C in Texas) MkII Golf. I drove the stink out of that car. So I've learned/gotten good at driving FWD cars. You just have to adjust your mentality to where the weight and power are in the FWD car. And adjust your racing line as well. The top works perfectly. In fact I had it down today so I could throw (actually that would be gently place with a trash bag around the rear wheel) my Mountain Bike in the back seat. However the car handles like ass with the top down. It's painful really, I rarely drop the top. The EOS actually has a usable back seat. A little tight width wise, but leg room is decent. The EOS shares the same front end as the MKV GTI. iceracer are you saying then the ALK actually redirects the force/energy to the sides of the car?

NO. Longitudinal- running lengthwise.

kking199 New Reader
3/17/13 8:23 a.m.
iceracer wrote: NO. Longitudinal- running lengthwise.

Ok, my bad, that was what I was thinking originally as well. And I agree. The ALK works possibly even better in the EOS because it's undercarriage is so stiff.

So then correct me if I'm wrong. Without the ALK the forces that come from acceleration push the front end up and therefore you would lose grip. With the ALK the force is redirected and redistributed along the bottom frame of the car. This then would give all 4 wheels more grip, or more accurately my front's don't lose grip from acceleration and the rears gain grip? Which then would explain to a degree why I can drive the EOS faster in corners?

iceracer UberDork
3/17/13 10:54 a.m.

Technically, it is a point where the force vector intersects the center of gravity height line. The percentage of distance of this intersection point from the ground is the percentage of anti-lift present in the suspension.

Leave it to say. changing the angle of the control arm longitudinally will alter the anti lift/anti dive.

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