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Gasoline Dork
10/12/12 11:58 a.m.
curtis73 wrote:
Gasoline wrote: 8.5"? or 7.5"? Pretty sure Monte Carlo SS's got both.

Nope, Montes got the 7.5" The SS got 7.625 which is the same case with a bigger ring gear/carrier. Its no stronger since the main failure point is the bearing caps.

They put a bazillion of those 8.5" rears under everything, I would have thought the SS would have got one, but you are right small 7.5x rear end with 26 spline axles.

G Body 8.5" are big $$$ bucks. The ZR2 S10/Blazer might be a canidate for a 8.5" rearend. 5X4.75" pattern. Might be a tad too wide?, but probably has a good gear choice, possible posi, and the late ones got disc brakes. Just a thought.

AI will add another vote for the Explorer rear. Explorer axles are also bigger 31 spline compared to the GM 28 spline.....if you are into breaking axles.

wvumtnbkr Reader
10/12/12 12:13 p.m.

WE were lemons racing our 3.73 and then later 3.41 Monte carlo SS rear. We NEVER had a problem with it. It hooked up just fine.

The car had a 350 GM goodwrench crate motor that we ran with a TBI (Tuned with my wideband / different injectors / and pressures).

We also ran this combination with a TH350 trans and then a saginaw 4 speed. The 4 speed was much funner.

Again, we never had an issue with the rearend.

Ashyukun New Reader
10/12/12 12:19 p.m.
wae wrote: Make 1,000 pounds' worth of El Camino disappear?

I thought your favorite suggestion was ditching the original engine configuration completely and putting something FWD in place of the rear end?

wae New Reader
10/12/12 12:45 p.m.

Hmm. Is it too late to vote "BOTH"?

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