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GameboyRMH PowerDork
10/11/12 8:34 a.m.

It does have kind of an Ultima-like shape with the cockpit being much taller than the rest of the body.

Adrian_Thompson SuperDork
10/11/12 8:43 a.m.
93EXCivic wrote: Is it just me or does it remind anyone else of the old Daytona Prototypes with the big bubble top?

Sort of but better.. Those cars were always akward looking due to the lack of tumblehome on the cockpit area. Older Group C is a better comparison. Or even the old XJR 15 gentlemans racer

red5_02 Reader
10/11/12 8:51 a.m.

I know we're not friendly to Jalopnik round these parts but as far as design goes this is pretty interesting.


4cylndrfury UltimaDork
10/11/12 9:19 a.m.
Adrian_Thompson wrote:
4cylndrfury wrote: "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" -*Leonardo Da Vinci* Silly cars are silly

YEah, and that new fangled fuel injection is going to kill the car culture as it's gonna stop ya tuning your own car bubba

kind of odd youd use that example - I likely wont ever own anything other than yard equipment powered by a carbed mill. I embrace technology that furthers car performance...but it has to do that, add to whats already there.

Modern and zomfgoverthetop dont have to always be spoken in the same sentence. Theres something to be said for form following function. The Mazda Furai is another example of 4 wheeled attention whoring...likely a very capable super car, but why all the wild lines and silly fins? Same with the P1 - K.I.S.S. also translates into keep it elegant.

That Mclaren thing is not sophisticated or elegant, its a ridiculous penis extension with expensive tires

carguy123 PowerDork
10/11/12 9:50 a.m.
4cylndrfury wrote: That Mclaren thing is not sophisticated or elegant, its a ridiculous penis extension with expensive tires

If you need wheels for your penile extension then I'm guessing you went too big. It should fit comfortably inside your pants without dragging the ground.

And no it does not have the center 3rd seat.

I like the smile and I kinda like the lines. I think it will grow on me. Right now it's just a bit different than what everyone else is doing and I think that's what's throwing everyone.

Cadillac "edgy" different I have never liked, but this just might grow on me.

GameboyRMH PowerDork
10/11/12 9:58 a.m.

I do like this one and it follows in the spirit of the old F1, I thought the F1 was on the plain side and this isn't as over-the-top as a Zonda. Sure it's a bit more complicated but not by much. The F1 was EFI'd and had active aero, this one just adds KERS (and probably turbos and the electro-nannies that you can turn off).

oldeskewltoy Dork
12/5/13 1:52 p.m.


jstein77 SuperDork
12/5/13 2:12 p.m.

Oh my...

GameboyRMH MegaDork
12/5/13 2:19 p.m.

stroker Dork
12/5/13 2:19 p.m.

Let's see what lap time it turns at Road America.

mazdeuce SuperDork
12/5/13 2:29 p.m.

That was impressive.

4cylndrfury MegaDork
12/5/13 3:08 p.m.

Less epic singy-songy, more happy engine noise please.

Adrian_Thompson PowerDork
12/5/13 3:10 p.m.

The from the helicopter views of it going round some of the open corners were impressive, damn that's some cornering speed!

mazdeuce SuperDork
12/5/13 3:17 p.m.

The wiggle is what got me. They were driving quite hard.

Lancer007 Reader
12/5/13 4:51 p.m.

kazoospec Dork
12/5/13 6:30 p.m.
DukeOfUndersteer wrote: So sad. All this technology, research, racing pedigree, beautiful design invested into this beautiful car, just so these people will get one:

I hereby resurrect and 2nd this comment.

Appleseed UltimaDork
12/6/13 1:29 a.m.

Thread de-rail.

Define irony: makes a song called "Golddigger," marries a Kardashian.

kreb SuperDork
12/6/13 9:35 a.m.

With the more outrageous designs that Pagani, Lamborghini and others are coming up with Mclaren is under a certain amount of pressure not to appear dated. Their racing pedigree matters to people such as us, but as is mentioned directly above, a lot of people with cash would gladly tear down a Frank Lloyd Wright building to build their latest faux-mediteranian monstrosity, if you know what I mean. Gots to keep the rich happy.

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