Tom Suddard
Tom Suddard Associate Editor
4/1/15 1:05 p.m.

The life of a Grassroots Motorsports project car isn't always glamorous. Sometimes, it looks like a boring drive on a rainy day. We do that drive a lot, as our BMW M235i does double-duty as a track toy and a daily driver.

So, how is it? Well, it's about what you'd expect from a brand new BMW. Comfortable, practical, and generally everything you'd want in a car. Gas mileage isn't amazing, but it still blows away any car this fast from just a decade ago–we've been averaging 28 mpg in mixed driving.

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Mr_Clutch42 Dork
4/1/15 7:25 p.m.

28 mpg for a performance car in mixed driving is probably amazing.

My E36 gets 27 mpg in mixed driving currently.

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