Scott Lear
Scott Lear
8/30/07 4:15 p.m.

We took Project Spec E30 down the road to the Dynojet dyno at Projekt7 on Tuesday, and our suspicion that we were down on horsepower a bit at the HyperFest was confirmed.

From what we’ve seen, most healthy Spec E30s make in the low to mid 150-horsepower range, and those on the low end find themselves in the mid 140s. Our baseline was 134-135 horsepower, and after switching out the stock MAF and filter box with a different MAF and an aftermarket cone filter, we saw a peak of 136 horses.

The tailpipe sniffer told the real story, as our car is going Bill Gates rich at 5000 rpm. The car is leaving for the NASA Championships soon, so we’re going to do some last-minute diagnosing with Rennie Bryant of Redline BMW on Saturday in the hopes of getting the most out of the car at Mid-Ohio.

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