enginenerd Reader
5/10/19 1:07 p.m.

For better or worse I'm the (proud?) owner of one of the ugliest Subaru BRZ's I've ever seen. I'd like to find a complete front and rear bumper including lamps, trim, etc. I'm guessing I will also need a radiator support, bumper bar, and other associated bits. These cars seem to be hard to come by in my area. Does anybody know of somebody parting out a car or a good source of used parts? 

I've poked around Facebook marketplace and car-part.com without finding too many of the parts I need within a reasonable distance. Ebay may help fill in some of the gaps for easier to ship items. Any suggestions? 

maj75 HalfDork
5/10/19 2:07 p.m.

You only need the stuff that usually damaged in an accident...

Since they are relatively thin on the ground, good luck finding anything locally.  The internet will be your friend, LKQ or other dismantler network is probably your best bet.  Shipping will get you, but they have the best access to used parts.

Appleseed MegaDork
5/10/19 5:50 p.m.

Don't bother with bumper covers. I looked for the FR-S for the better part of 10 months.Big market of Chicago. 3 turned up. Haggard. Looked like they were drug through sandpaper. Cheapest one was $180, broken clips, and the wrong color. New from Subaru  (Toyota,  for the same bumper was $40 more!) was $300 with tax. 

These cars seem to get parted out long before they get to FaceBalls or Craigslist.

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