Javelin UltimaDork
4/29/12 11:46 p.m.

I was reading some stuff that was conveniently on my toilet paper about the new (2013) SRT Viper. Good stuff! Apparently Ralph had the full-size clay car done without telling Sergio (or having permission). Big brass ones that man has! Anyway, some interesting facts on the development:

  • The windshield is the only carry-over piece at all
  • The frame is steel on purpose so the ones that get banged up racing can get fixed (and cages install easier)
  • Nearly the whole body is carbon fiber
  • Sabelt is doing the seats (they do Ferrari)
  • The GTS is all gussied up for the fancy add-ons owners, but the base model is lighter with no frills.
  • The government-mandated traction control is completely defeatable: hold button for 5 seconds (while moving up to 35 MPH)
Appleseed PowerDork
4/29/12 11:57 p.m.


wearymicrobe HalfDork
4/29/12 11:58 p.m.

But it's so ugly. I have no idea what other viper owners or ex owners are thinking about the look but its definitely not my cup of tea.

Seriously I just want that interior in the Gen 4, with the extra power, and real track ready traction control that you can completely defeat. Also if it would stop melting my shoes and make the air conditioning work when its over 60 outside that would be icing on the cake. Also don't make the paint such crap and the chrome on the wheels is terrible. Also seats that work with FIVE point harness.

SyntheticBlinkerFluid SuperDork
4/30/12 12:15 a.m.

Honestly the only thing I don't like about the new Viper is the extra hood vents. It makes the front end look weird at different angles.

Other than that I like it. It's good to see it back again.

Feedyurhed Dork
4/30/12 7:16 a.m.

It's funny, it's almost everything I don't like in a car........big, raucous, kind of a brute but strangely I like it for exactly those reasons. I am glad to see it back, like an old friend. I am not so sure about dropping the Dodge name plate and going with SRT moniker but I guess that doesn't really matter. All in all I would say, job well done.

GameboyRMH UberDork
4/30/12 7:57 a.m.

Sounds good. Only things I don't like about the car are cosmetic, nothing a few aftermarket bits can't fix.

93EXCivic UltimaDork
4/30/12 8:07 a.m.

I like except the looks. I am glad the traction control is completely defeatable and they are offering a base version without all the crap. It looks too much like a Ferrari though. I am glad someone still has the balls to build a vehicle like the Viper.

GameboyRMH UberDork
4/30/12 9:18 a.m.
93EXCivic wrote: I like except the looks. I am glad the traction control is completely defeatable and they are offering a base version without all the crap. It looks too much like a Ferrari though.

Totally agree. I think some black-backed-projector headlights and an aftermarket front bumper that looks more like the 2013 ALMS Viper would go a long way to fixing the looks.

DrBoost UberDork
4/30/12 9:22 a.m.

I JUST drove one, sorta. It was a 2010 ACR body with the 2013 running gear. I had to pull it in the shop and up on the alignment rack, on wet R-comps, on a metal ramp. Naturally everyone was watching!
I'm still shaking!

CLNSC3 Reader
4/30/12 10:01 a.m.

I love the looks of the new viper!

I have been car shopping off and on for a while and my gf saw a 96 at a dealership so we stopped in. I told her she wouldn't like it. I was right, its too "hardcore" for her...no heated seats, navi, etc etc etc

Driving it was a blast, I would compare it to riding an ex race horse with an old knee injury. Very fast, but didn't feel very nimble or graceful. This is all based on a short 10 minute drive though! Obviously didn't buy it, the price was right though...the older ones are getting CHEAP!

Javelin UltimaDork
4/30/12 10:20 a.m.

In reply to wearymicrobe:

Boy are you in luck! Just ignore the looks (which I personally like) and the new one has everything you want, including the better interior, seats that are 6-point harness ready, A/C that works, relocated exhaust and added heat shielding, no more chrome, and the good TC that can be turned off.

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