mbmsg New Reader
11/27/16 8:01 p.m.

If this is the wrong forum feel free to move it or tell me and Ill move the posting.

Box full of stuff I bought but never used since I traded the truck before installing. Thermostat Rear brakes shoes (set) Front calipers (R and L) center cap Rear bearings Set of spark plugs.

Parts were for a 02 4wd auto Frontier. Pretty sure it fits other years you'll need to confirm, pay for shipping and they are yours or pickup free in the 19343 area.

They were all rock auto purchases, forgot I bought them traded truck and parts have been sitting in garage. I dont see a 14 yr old truck in my future so best this stuff leaves the homestead. It will kill me to throw this stuff in the trash, dont make me. But Ill do it......

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