noddaz SuperDork
5/11/19 6:19 p.m.

I received a different car magazine a while back (Street Rodder) and the cover car on first glance looked like an old Mercedes coupe.  It wasn't, it was a Lincoln.  But that thought has been bugging me.  An old Mercedes coupe with a modern V8 would be very interesting.  And not with big slicks on the back either.  And then I had to recently look at old-ish Mercedes on the CL.  Dang some of those are cheap.  With BIG engine bays.  *sigh*

Back to the garage and what I have.

buzzboy HalfDork
5/11/19 6:22 p.m.

I want to put more power in my W116 so bad. The engine bay swallowed a 6.9 SOHC so it's got plenty of room. It's got to remain diesel though....

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