Tim Suddard
Tim Suddard Publisher
6/8/15 3:32 p.m.

Level the playing field with identical cars, and in theory the spotlight will shine solely on driver talent. It’s the reasoning behind all of the spec series we’ve seen over the years, from Formula Vee back in the ’60s to today’s super-successful Spec Miata program.

What about the driver looking for something just a bit, well, sexier?

Enter the Stuttgart Cup and its sister series, the Mission Foods GT3 Cup. These two programs have risen from the ashes to offer Porsche racers another road racing venue. We’re talking late-model Porsche race cars on some of the country’s top tracks, including Sebring, Road America, Mid-Ohio, Road Atlanta and Daytona.

Porsche Cayman driver Bill Ridell has taken over both series and combined them into one, the Stuttgart Cup and Mission Foods GT3 Cup Trophy USA by Car Amigo. Ridell has also hired longtime HSR Competition Manager Ken Fengler to organize and run the new series as well as keep the rules package stable.

The revamped program already features eight events for 2015–its first year under new management–and organizers expect to add one more stop on the calendar. To make things easier on all involved, the series will never feature more than one event per month.

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