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oldtin UberDork
7/31/15 6:38 p.m.
AaronBalto wrote:
oldtin wrote: A couple of weeks ago a pretty solid driver 911sc targa with a sketchy title and running megasquirt sold for 16,xxx off the BaT auction site. Put me in the camp of if you want a 911, get one instead of trying to create one. I think there's a little time left to still find decent deals. The 80s were also a time when 911 production hit a peak. There were a good number built (like 30,000 compared to 3500 Ferrari 308s in a given year).

There were only about 13,000 308s built during the entire production run. Never even close to 3500 in a year.

oops - sorry, didn't look up the production figures - my point - something like 150,000 a/c 911s produced vs 13,244 308s makes for a decent selection of cars in various states of repair.

Knurled UltimaDork
7/31/15 7:06 p.m.
Per Schroeder wrote: Good 912s with no rust are definitely not cheap any more…really good ones are approaching and surpassing 100k.

I'm going to go sit in a dark corner and have a good long cry now.

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