Tim Suddard
Tim Suddard Publisher
5/23/17 11:23 a.m.

With the carpet out of our project ramp truck and the headliner soon to come out for repair, we had an excellent opportunity to insulate the cab a bit more. To do it right we'd have to scrape the floor, coat it with POR-15 rust preventative and then lay down some sound deadening.

While we had no rust at the top of the cab, we did have a bit of surface rust on the floor. Fortunately, scraping it with a wire brush proved the rust was superficial. That meant we wouldn't have to weld in any patches.

After a thorough job with the wire brush, we vacuumed the cab and brushed on the POR-15 rust preventative. We have used this amazing paint-like substance on nearly every one of our projects and have never seen rust come back.

While driving the truck before, we had noted that our floor was getting warmer than it should. That wasn't too surprising since the factory insulation was marginal.

We decided to put Design Engineering’s Boom Mat down in the entire foot well area. This lightweight, relatively inexpensive material is a great way to cut down on noise and heat. Bonus: The tin material is not detectable once we put the carpeting back in.

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