Tim Suddard
Tim Suddard Publisher
3/2/18 12:45 p.m.

As we mentioned in a previous update, we had a slipping clutch to deal with. In fact, that and a rear main seal leak were what prompted us to take the engine out of our ramp truck in the first place.

We have had very good luck with Centerforce clutches in our Shelby Mustang and a lot of other project cars over the last 30 years. We decided to once again call them and ask them for advice.

They told us the 360 and 390 Ford engines share the same zero balance rotating assembly—which means you don’t need to balance the crank damper.

We let them know that we had a New Process 435 4-speed transmission (part number C96391-P), with what is commonly called the smaller pattern tail shaft with 1 1/16-inch splines. We also let them know that we had a 184-tooth ring gear and an 11-inch clutch assembly.

They confirmed their billet steel flywheel (#700260) would work well in our application and was a few pounds lighter than the stock flywheel.

On this flywheel, we mounted a Centerforce II clutch and pressure plate kit. We have found the additional clamping force offered by Centerforce has served us well in past installations. And perhaps more importantly, Centerforce clutches have always engaged smoothly, never chattered and never have noticeably increased pedal pressure.

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