Taiden Dork
12/24/11 7:55 p.m.

The last (and only time) I built a megasquirt, it was a MS2 v3.0 PCB on extra firmware. It had dual VR circuits and ran a Subaru on the 6/7 stock trigger wheels.

I really want to megasquirt the BMW m10 engine (1.8L dinosaur 4 banger). Pretty much anything would be better than L-jetronic.

It uses a centrifugal/vacuum advance distributor, but I will want to control spark. So I will have to come up with some crank trigger anyway. I have eight ca18det coil packs that I figure I can use.

The diyautotune MS1 v2.2 pcb kit costs $150, but I don't think it upgrades well to the MS3x at a later date. (If I decide to go turbo, this would be my next move.)

Or I could get the MS1 with v3.0 pcb for $200 and have the ability to upgrade to the MS3x later.

The thing is though, if I do the v2.2 board, if I want to upgrade, there would be no issue in selling it on the e30 boards and then put the money towards a full MS3x kit. (Buying the MS3x kit ends up saving almost $75 compared to an upgrade.)

I don't know. Too many options. Is there any really good reason to not run the 2.2 pcb on a daily? Should I just go for the middle of the road MS2 v3.0 and foot the extra $65-$100? I have looked at the comparison chart, but there are always things that don't present themselves well on there, like how robust the v3.0 pcb is compared to the v2.2

JoeyM SuperDork
12/24/11 8:09 p.m.

paging matt

Hungary Bill
Hungary Bill Reader
12/25/11 2:22 p.m.

I'm a bit out of my element but for what its worth count me in for the MS2 v3.0 option. Is there a reason you'd move away from it when you go to a turbo? It should be able to run a crank wheel VR sensor... maybe pick up a Ford EDIS kit off of e-gay for pretty cheap.

anyhoo, I shot off a message to another member of this board who should know more than me.

Good luck man.

Taiden Dork
12/25/11 4:08 p.m.

I'm thinking of starting with an ms1 v3 and then upgrade to the ms3x at a later date. I wouldn't need to do the ms3x for turbo but I would like to have the extra features for when I do so. I mostly want the sdcard datalogging and full sequential injection

erohslc HalfDork
12/25/11 4:25 p.m.

Suggest you check the classifieds ASAP.

Hungary Bill
Hungary Bill Reader
12/25/11 4:35 p.m.
Taiden wrote: I mostly want the sdcard datalogging and full sequential injection


Taiden Dork
12/25/11 5:31 p.m.
erohslc wrote: Suggest you check the classifieds ASAP.

I haven't heard back from him yet.

Moving_Target New Reader
12/25/11 6:39 p.m.

It's my understanding if you want to eventually migrate to a ms3/ms3x setup, the v2.2 board is obsolete (aka don't bother) for use. Stick with the v3.0 board.

I bought a ms3 + ms3x kit from diyautotune last month (no, haven't used it yet but it stims out ok) and a ms2 v3.0 kit back in '08 (nope, haven't used it yet either but I'm working on it - :-))

Come on, embrace the new hotness. :)

Taiden Dork
12/25/11 7:15 p.m.

that ms2v3.0 is burning a hole in your pocket, I know it! Give it to me, I'll free you from the clutches of the evil megasquirt.

But yeah, unless a good deal comes along, I will be starting with the ms1 v3 and then upgrade as I see necessary

I plan on running a 36-1 vr wheel, using ca18det coil packs, and using a bosch 2 wire idle valve. I think that is probably going to be the most straightforward way to do it.

Moving_Target New Reader
12/25/11 7:30 p.m.

Sounds like a decent plan ( no clue what a ca18det coil pack is though). Are you planning on a wideband 02 sensor of some kind? I have in my boxes of parts a Powerdex WB 02 sensor to help with the (eventual) tuning.

Taiden Dork
12/25/11 8:23 p.m.

it's a nissan motor from back in the day that has coil packs. I just happen to have about 8 of them. The only issue though is that I think they use an external ignitor.

I'd probably use an MTX-L. They are cheap and I've only heard good things about them.


SVreX SuperDork
12/26/11 8:18 a.m.

Somebody edumacate me...

Give me a brief overview of the various versions and their capabilities.

aussiesmg SuperDork
12/26/11 8:19 a.m.

Paging MadScientistMatt

Moving_Target New Reader
12/26/11 9:19 a.m.

In a nutshell:


Taiden Dork
12/26/11 10:16 a.m.

MS1: good
MS2: great
MS3: very great
MS3x: omgwtfbbqmotecfailawesome!!!!!!!!1!1!!!

Oh yeah. I remember why I wanted ms3x if I went turbo. Boost by gear. (which I've heard was implemented but can't seem to find any data on that)

MadScientistMatt SuperDork
12/26/11 10:48 a.m.

Here's a short rundown on them. Note that with MS1 or MS2, a lot of their full potential requires custom mods, while an MS3X setup is pretty much fully loaded, and doesn't need much customization.

MS1 V2.2 - You might want to run this if you're on a very strict budget and only want fuel control or want to use it with one of a few narrowly defined ignition types (VW Hall distributors, HEI, or EDIS aren't too difficult to use with this). If you're in one of these categories and wanting the most cost effective solution, this could be a good bet. Otherwise you're likely to paint yourself into a corner, as a lot of ignition options take tons of mods and add on daughter boards. (And don't even think of trying to order one pre-assembled with mods for a complicated ignition setup, unless you want something that's more expensive and less capable than a V3.0.) You can upgrade it to an MS2 processor, but adding MS3 is a royal pain and not recommended.

MS1 V3.0 / V3.57 - I'd consider this the minimum if you were starting with a new install. This one has the "flyback board" that lets a V2.2 drive low impedance injectors built in, and the ability to read considerably more types of ignition pick-ups. Also adds more room for mods, and more protection against noise and voltage spikes. The V3.57 is basically a machine assembled V3.0 and doesn't add much in terms of features, but is easier to mass produce. Upgrading to MS2 or MS3 is pretty easy.

MS2 V3.0 / V3.57 - Adds a faster processor, the ability to run stepper idle control valves, support for more OEM wheel patterns, and more general awesomeness. The extra processing power can give you better drivability, particularly if you want a car to idle on massive injectors.

MS3 V3.0 / V3.57 - Not only is the processor even faster, it's got a ton more I/O. The MS3 adds a built in USB port and SD card datalogging. But its really big advantage is that you can use an MS3X with it, which adds eight channel sequential fuel and ignition (previous versions are bank to bank, although there's a somewhat difficult way to get four channel sequential injection on an MS2), and a ton of I/O that you would need to customize earlier MegaSquirts to have. This one has a very high end featureset - there's gear specific boost control, 2 stage progressive nitrous, nonlinear injector pulsewidth compensation tables, trim tables for each cylinder, and more.

MicroSquirt - a relative of the MS2 with two fuel channels, two ignition channels, a couple more I/O channels, and a very tiny case and low price. Although designed for motorcycle, ATV, and watercraft use, it can be run on cars too. Only comes ready made.

SVreX SuperDork
12/26/11 11:05 a.m.

Thanks Matt! That's very helpful.

What's the minimum to run ignition without too many headaches?

dean1484 SuperDork
12/26/11 1:40 p.m.

I would go Ms 2 v3 bang for the buck it seems to still be the best deal especially with the extra code.

MadScientistMatt SuperDork
12/26/11 4:03 p.m.

SVreX, that depends on the ignition type - what car did you have in mind? MS2 can manage most types out there, a few require MS3, and a lot of common ignitions can work with MS1 although I usually recommend springing for MS2.

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