bastomatic Dork
4/16/12 9:08 a.m.

I'm looking at a Saab 9-5 wagon for baby hauling duties and wanted to know if there was a general consensus on them. Think base turbo engine, non-aero, manual transmission. Would you stay away from one with more than 100k miles? Any trouble spots to look for?

SlickDizzy UltraDork
4/16/12 9:19 a.m.

You will find some really good info in this thread (just 'cuz I don't feel like re-typing it all):

I really like my '99 LPT sedan. 220k and going strong, still pulls real hard and is a comfy car. You can see it in my reader's rides.

conesare2seconds Reader
4/16/12 11:57 a.m.

I just sold an '01 wagon just like the one you're looking at, and wish I still had it. Unless there are records proving frequent oil changes, go ahead and pay a shop to drop the pan and do any necessary cleanup on the oil pickup. It's not too expensive and will give you great peace of mind. Also check for PCV-6 update. The theft alarm will eventually start going off on its own. This usually means the batteries in the siren module are on their way out. Plan to replace the batteries or disconnect the siren. I'm looking for a replacement 9-5, so yeah - add a dash of fanboy salt, but I think they're a good blend of usefulness, performance and economy. Have fun!

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