Per Schroeder
Per Schroeder PowerDork
9/4/07 5:42 a.m.

We put our long weekend to good use, working on the Saab 99. Most of our progress was on the front suspension, but we also built the mounting points for our skidplate.

We're using reinforced lower control arms from We'll be reinforcing the upper arms to match, although you can't remove the upper arms without removing the engine.

We're pressing in new Powerflex bushings. The upper bushings can be replaced with the engine in the car.

Camber and caster are adjusted using these shims under the upper control arm mounts. We dialed in approximately 1 degree of negative camber. We'll add or subtract shims on the alignment rack to fine tune it.

The suspension is almost back together with new ball joints and tie rod ends.

We welded in some L channel steel to the factory subframe rails. There are holes drilled into each reinforcement to attach the tabs that will be welded onto our forthcoming skidplate. That grey stuff is seam sealer. We don't want our fresh steel to rust.

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