paulrey27 New Reader
10/21/10 8:29 a.m.


I'm new to the board and I'm a fairly new owner of a (pretty) beat up Z31. Another WARNING - I don't know much about cars as I am an architecture student and am getting into learning cars (please excuse my lack of knowledge). I owned a clean one years ago but sold it to go to school. Now I am working to get my "new" one in road worthy condition... I've been replacing all the brake hardware and changing the plugs, blah blah blah. So... why am I writing this- To get to the plugs on the right side of the motor, I had to remove some of the throttle / intake stuff (?) and this included some rubber hoses that were attached a plastic pipe that went into the throttle body.... they were rubbery at one time, now they aren't so much. So to get them off, I practically destroyed them since they were like brittle plastic. My first instinct is to go to an autoparts store. No luck. Nissan dealer.? Nope. The guy at the dealer suggested I look for a Z club. So here I am. Any ideas/suggestions? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks :)

unevolved HalfDork
10/21/10 8:45 a.m.

Might be time for a new aftermarket intake, it's probably cheaper than trying to source a new OEM piece. is a great source for information on the Z31.

SlickDizzy SuperDork
10/21/10 11:49 a.m. is also a good resource. If I were you, I'd figure out the ID of the hoses, and order a giant roll of silicone hose to replace it with. I used to have a Saab 900 turbo and replaced every single old brittle rubber vacuum line with silicone - it's amazing how much better it ran afterward. Some vacuum leaks are undetectable until you just replace everything.

evildky Dork
10/26/10 1:01 p.m.

fyi, you don't need to remove any of the intake stuff to change the plugs, you just need the propper tool, in the back of the car next to the jack should be a ling tube and a small bar that slides throught he hole ont he bar makign a "T" handle, or you can use a long extension but either way nothing needs removed to get the plugs out

z31parts specializes in some oddball z31 parts, and MSA ( is the largest z car parts specialist around, black dragon is also a good source

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