Tom Suddard
Tom Suddard Associate Editor
4/2/15 11:35 p.m.

It's not every day you get to visit Daytona International Speedway, so the 2015 Grassroots Motorsports Experience at the Rolex 24 At Daytona was a rare treat for our BMW M235i.

Of course, we couldn't let the poor thing go naked. The image of our M235i fully decked out in IMSA race livery briefly crossed through our heads, but then we settled for something a little more appropriate: a few Continental stickers in tasteful places, and a GRM windshield banner.

Unfortunately, even all of our stickers couldn't get us any time on track (it was booked that weekend). We did get to meet lots of fans, though–thousands of people passed through our compound and checked out the BMW and our other project cars. If you were one of those fans, thanks for stopping by–it was nice to meet you.

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