Scott Lear
Scott Lear
1/6/09 4:26 p.m.

If most people found both a derelict Datsun 510 as well as an orphaned Oldsmobile 215 V8 lying around their parents’ house, they would probably wonder if Goodwill takes engines and what kind of tax deduction a 510 could earn them. These people have space in their garages, and probably get their taxes filed before the last minute.

To Southern California’s Jeff Hixson and Minh Duong, competitors at last year’s Kumho Tires Grassroots Motorsports $2004 Challenge presented by CRC Industries, a car that’s been sitting under a tree for 12 years is a chassis waiting to be used, and a V8 without a home sitting just a few yards away, why, that’s almost providence.

Who wouldn’t want to put an Olds V8 in the passenger seat of a 510 and race it, spending less than $2003 on the buildup? Taxes? I thought I paid those last year.

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