Scott Lear
Scott Lear
6/18/07 10:04 a.m.

With the BMW Spec E30's debut at the NASA Hyperfest at Summit Point only a few days away, we're taking care of some last-minute preparation items. This past weekend we installed the fire system, a kill switch, some Goodridge brake lines and ATE Super Blue racing fluid. We also mounted up a sequential shift light, but we don't yet have it working, so look for more on that once we've got a good tach signal.

The Brockway Engineering S100 sequential shift light didn't like being hooked up directly to the coil, but we found the all-black tach signal wire going into the instrument cluster and spliced into the signal there. Seems to be working like a charm, although we've got to get it out on the road and fiddle with the shift point; we're not convinced that the E30 is sending the logical three signals per revolution to the tach, it seems to be getting to the "redline" very early. This Brockway unit is pretty sweet, and it'll help us pretend that our Spec E30 is a BMW Sauber F1 car.

If you're heading out to the HyperFest be sure to watch for us, and feel free to drop by the Paul Reed Smith tent where Gary will have the booth set up. Scott will either be by the tent or in the paddock with the BMW. Wish us luck!

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