story by kevin adolf • photos by kevin adolf unless otherwise credited

Let’s say you’re given the option of driving one of two iconic, classic Mustangs: either Steve McQueen’s ’68 Fastback from “Bullitt” or Parnelli Jones’s Trans-Am Boss 302.

Which would you choose?

Pretty tough decision, right? It’s like asking if you’d rather be the coolest person rolling down the street, getting thumbs-up at every stop light, or the person strapped into a cage while enjoying all the sounds and smells of the race track. The obvious answer is “both.”

The guys at Agent 47 have somehow found a way to give people just that. The company’s Harbinger model combines the cool factor of a daily-driver vintage Mustang with the ability to roll up to your favorite track and compete in wheel-to-wheel racing in just a matter of minutes. Yes, this perfectly street-legal, road-going Mustang can be transformed into a fully track-prepped, race-legal competition car in just about an hour.

It can cruise around the block to your favorite coffee joint or dive down the corkscrew at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

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