Scott Lear
Scott Lear
11/13/06 11:16 a.m.

One of the first steps, and arguably one of the most fun, is removing all of that crap that makes a street car a street car. Race cars are lightweight without creature comforts and gadgets and insulation. They're loud and quite often, they're uncomfortable. What fun!

Saturday, we spent about five hours with the car on a scale. We started out with a completely full tank (full to the point of seeing the gas in the filler neck. ) and drove approximately 1 mile to where our scales where (this will make the weighing reproduceable later.)

  • Base weight: 2767
  • Remove the spare tire and tools: 2718
  • Remove stereo, speakers, amplifier, antenna: 2678 (it was a big amplifier...)
  • Remove trunk panels, trim: 2673
  • Remove thick asphalt sound deadening from trunk: 2620
  • Remove foglights: 2618
  • Remove A/C compressor and lines (still have condensor/evaporator in car): 2595

Amazingly, we've already removed 172 pounds from the car, and we still have a full interior. We may need to add ballast, as minimum weight with the cage is 2750. But that is with driver... We'll see!

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