Alan Cesar
Alan Cesar SuperDork
7/13/12 9:57 a.m.

Having previously fought with motor mounts, we were dreading replacing them again. Maybe we have a bent subframe or our car is otherwise tweaked, because we can't find any similar reports of people having a tough time getting new Miata motor mounts in place. But that's a search for another time. When we found these stiffer mounts from Good-Win Racing, we liked that the design allowed the two halves to separate.

We picked a set of the softest ones—they also offer an 88 durometer and 95 durometer set—for our autocross and track-day car. This is also a street-driven daily vehicle, so we didn't want it to be too abusive.

These were indeed way easier to install. We bolted the two pieces to the engine and the subframe, then slipped the cross-bolt in to join the two pieces. Our biggest gripe was with the oil leak from the front main seal: It has left a coating of oily grime all over everything.

Surprisingly enough, they're not mind-bendingly harsh—except between 1100 and 2000 rpm, where the chassis resonates with the engine. Keep the car at idle or at higher revs, and it's rather mild. No, don't make this your first modification on a stock Miata, but if you're already compromising the ride with stiffer springs and louder exhaust, these mounts are a good choice. The improved shifter feel and throttle response are worth the extra NVH.

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