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jimbbski Reader
7/4/10 8:42 p.m.
ReverendDexter wrote: "It doesn't look like anyone's brought up the exhaust and rear diff, so I'll fill that in. The 8.8" didn't become stock behind the V8s until '84 or so," It's been mentioned in earlier posts that the 8.8 was not stock until 1986. As I bought a '86 new I have to agree that it was the '86 models that were the first with the 8.8 rear! I owned 3 Fox stangs; the already mentioned 1986 GT, a 1992 LX notch, and one of the few 1993 Cobra R's (#58). All were 5.0L with 5 speeds. I would love to have the 86 back, just a very nice driving car! Not a road racer but a good highway cruiser. The 92 was fun, quick and good handling. It seemed that when ever I drove it on a warm day I would be honked at at lights and asked if I wanted to sell it! The 93R was a race car and I drove it in club races from 1995 through 2003. I sold it in 2006.
924guy Dork
7/5/10 7:21 a.m.

ill throw in my lot , agreeing the 86 was the best of the s3 cars. I had couple of friends that had late (at the time) model stangs. one had a 79, the other an 86 vert... the 79 had such poor quality that the dash plastics were crumbling due to uv deterioration, he had a handwritten sign tapped to it " don't touch dash, it will explode.." of course everyone did, and there were little holes and cracks throughout. At the time the car was only 7 or 8 years old. ... the other friend had a brand new 86, performance package (dont remember which set up it had) and with a set of rims, it was just plain hotness and pretty quick...though i could still run circles around it in my 72 Maverick, he didnt like that much, but his car was much nicer... :)

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