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Giant Purple Snorklewacker
Giant Purple Snorklewacker MegaDork
2/8/13 6:34 p.m.
poopshovel wrote: The wheels should tell you everything you need to know. If that's not a big enough clue, check the section 8 housing in the background. I bet that car smells bad.

Haha. Nice.

Swank Force One
Swank Force One MegaDork
2/8/13 9:27 p.m.
turboswede wrote: I'd offer him $3-3500, then have it towed home to start fixing the broken stuff/deferred maintenance. It doesn't look too bad and you can sell the stupid springs and wheels to some sucker on eBay. Solid rotors/pads aren't too bad online through Pelican or RockAuto, etc. Seat upholstery kits are available. Timing belt parts are readily available and should be absolutely done before starting the motor. Boost controller is fine, I've used them on my 'murican turbo cars without issue, even made them from Grainger or McMaster-Carr parts. There is a concernt that he may have it turned up too high, so a good compression check is required before purchasing.

Nothing wrong with boost controllers... i run one on two of my cars. One home brew on the MX6, and there's one on my MSM supplied by FM that looks exactly like the one on this 944.

That said, looking at this 944, i wouldn't think the owner to be particularly smart or car-savvy. It's probably been pushed too far.

Feedyurhed Dork
2/8/13 10:16 p.m.
bgkast wrote: I would try to avoid anything being sold in Cockeyesville!

That's enough to put me off. Not sure I would even go with in the city limits.

AverageH New Reader
2/9/13 2:17 a.m.

I don't think those are leaks; just looks like he washed the car. Still wouldn't buy though.


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