Per Schroeder
Per Schroeder PowerDork
2/17/04 3:48 p.m.

We autocrossed the SRT-4 this weekend with the Central Florida Region SCCA. Despite some mucky conditions and the stock street compound tires, we had a lot of fun and turned some respectable times. The car will be exponentially faster on the Hoosiers.

In the drying conditions, the traction actually got worse before it got better. The dust, sand and water combined to make a really slippery slurry.

Before we went to the autocross, we loosened up the strut top mounting nuts and pushed the top of the strut in as far as it would go. It only moved a millimeter, but we'll take any camber that we can legally get.

Our graphics thus far are pretty subtle. With the rear wing, this car has some "bling" already. After this season, the rear wing is getting ditched.

When we got home, we installed our Hoosiers and Konigs. Unfortunately, the front wheels required a 5mm spacer to clear the brakes. No big deal as we can now use the spacer with the stock wheels (up to 1/4" is legal for Solo II Stock rules) and autocross tires.

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