Tim Suddard
Tim Suddard Publisher
5/4/01 8:03 p.m.

The metal work is now complete on our 914. On the one hand, the tough part is over, on the other hand, the boring messy stage of sanding, priming and painting has begun. Even before the addition of any seam sealer (that magic substance that hides imperfect work) we are very pleased with our results, especially since we did it all ourselves.

Everything is straight, professionally repaired and should last the life of the car. Our resident body repair expert, Tom Prescott, owner of the Body Werks, in Holly Hill Florida, came over to our shop, inspected our metal work and made it clear that if this magazine publishing job doesn't work out, we've got a good shot at a career in car restoration (God forbid!).

After much discussion we have decided to now completely disassemble the 914 (it still is a roller) flip it on its side and paint the bottom first. Then we will paint the front and the rear trunks and the engine compartment. Then, and only then will we take the car to Body Werks and let them finish the final block sanding, minor dent filling priming and painting of the exterior of the car.

We have decided that we can paint the chassis, trunk and engine compartment out doors or in our shop as long as we gain enough ventilation. This "spot" type painting is fairly easy, but a show quality exterior paint job is best left to professionals with a top quality spray booth.

With the body work about finished, our attention is turning to mechanical things once again. We have completely pulled all four corners off the car and will begin the suspension, steering and brakes restoration and upgrading soon.

In the mean time, after our annual foray to the Import Carlisle show, we plan on hooking up with noted 914 guru and Pennsylvania resident, Gary Wigglesworth, who has agreed to show us how to go through the Porsche 901 gear box.

With the transmission rebuilt, we will mate it to our already finished engine and head this old Porsche back to the street.

Stories on this project in Grassroots Motorsports will begin late this year, after our Porsche 944 and BMW M3 project car series conclude.

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