ReverendDexter New Reader
8/11/08 7:16 p.m.

Anyone have experience with either of these tires? The Cobra needs new shoes, and I can get away from running all-seasons now that I'm no longer in an area where it snows and have other vehicles more competent for such voyages.

Vehicle in question is a 1998 Cobra, mostly stock (bilsteins, CAI, clutch), that is used for street driving and autocross. I currently have Kumho ECSTA ASXs with about 15k miles, and they're slowly turning to wood (I'm starting to get squirrely on onramps when I'm notgetting on it). I'd like to stick to the stock 245/45 R17s, though am willing to try a different size so long as it still fits on my stock wheels (17x8s).

My friends have been suggesting RA1s, however, Toyo recently discontinued them, and I'm having trouble finding them in the right size. I like the look of the R1R, and my S.O. thinks the R888s look a little too racy and would be no good in the wet, but no one I know has any experience with the R1Rs.

Thanks for the input!

aeronca65t Reader
8/11/08 7:35 p.m.

I'm running the Toyo 888s on my vintage racer (Sprite) and I like them quite a lot.

I have an Escort GT NASA racer that has decent RA1s right now (another great tire). It'll get the 888s too, when the RA1s are worn out. I like the fact that the 888 is shallow thread and doesn't really have to be shaved.

But if you are planning on using these for a street car, keep in mind that they may not last much more than 6000 miles (if that), depending on how you drive. These tires have a treadwear number of "100" and traction value of "AA", so they are soft.

Great tire for the track though!

Keith SuperDork
8/11/08 8:42 p.m.

If Toyo's discontinued the RA1, then nobody's told Toyo :) Every time I've called to check that rumor, I've been assured that the tire is still in production. Haven't checked for a few months though.

The 888 is equivalent to the RA1, only with less tread and a slightly different carcass. The R1R is an Azenis-type tire. Very different beasts. In my opinion, if you're going to bother with an R1R, go whole-hog and get the R888.

The Nitto NT-01 is available in your size. That's a good equivalent to the R888 and usually a little bit cheaper.

ReverendDexter New Reader
8/11/08 9:08 p.m.

From the sound of things, the R888 is going to be a bit racey for my needs. This is a street car first, and if they'll only last 6k miles under a lightweight car, I can't imagine what 3600 lbs of Ford ponycar is going to do to them on a commute over less than perfect roads. On top of that, I know I'll need wet traction, and the R888 and the NT-01 both seem to spec pretty low in wet performance.

Maybe it would be more realistic to go to the Toyo T1R, or stick with Kumhos and get the ECSTA MX?

carguy123 HalfDork
8/11/08 10:35 p.m.

Keith keeps saying that but every dealer I call checks on them for me and then says Toyo has discontinued them :)

Gearhead_42 HalfDork
8/12/08 7:52 a.m.
Keith wrote: The Nitto NT-01 is available in your size. That's a good equivalent to the R888 and usually a little bit cheaper.

Ooh ooh, I vote for this one! I've been running these all season, now on their 9th autocross with all the associated travel miles in between. Still have about half the shallower tread depth, so that's about 2-3/32" worn.

On a car sprung softer that mine (that means anything not on road race coilovers) they should be just fine. On my skateboard I do get quite a bit of skitter over rough wet pavement, but they always settle down quickly.

mistanfo Dork
8/12/08 8:12 a.m.

I can say that I know some of the larger SM teams have recently placed large orders for RA1's, to ensure that they have availability for some time to come. Of course, this is only possible if you have proper, adequate storage.

Keith SuperDork
8/12/08 8:26 a.m.
ReverendDexter wrote: On top of that, I know I'll need wet traction, and the R888 and the NT-01 both seem to spec pretty low in wet performance.

It's probably worth noting that the tire of choice for the Targa Newfoundland is the RA-1. And rain is not optional there :) The R888 tests out to be faster under every circumstance other than one, I think it was wet braking. Of course, the shallower tread depth means that it will start to hydroplane earlier in its life. Is it the best street car choice? Well, if you're chasing grip enough to consider a short life street tire like an Azenis or an R1R, I think so. But you're definitely making a choice that's biased towards performance.


JenningsRacing None
8/12/08 8:41 a.m.

You should look in to the Sumitomo HTR Z,for the street they are great tires even in the rain.I run them on my stang for street tires and love them.they make pretty good autoX tires to.Plus they are cheap.

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