ransom UberDork
9/16/13 11:53 a.m.

This seems to have come up a couple of times recently, most recently on Ditchdigger's Falcon thread...

What do I need to know to source a suitable T-5 and the appropriate bits and bobs to insert it into my '63 Ranchero? Better yet, what do people need to know in general to select a T-5 for any arbitrary application? Resources for differences in mounting, shifters, internals, splines, etc?

For my application, it's a former 3-on-the-tree car currently sporting a C4 auto. the clutch pedal isn't currently present, but I'm betting the bracket's still there. It still has the narrow manual brake pedal. The engine's a 302 nominally out of a '73 F-100 IIRC.

It's not going to get launched hard; I'm not worried about breaking the trans. If I had a bigger worry it'd be making sure the clutch isn't too heavy for my dad's artificial knees, though I think they're considerably better than the originals were It's conceivable that it'll run an autocross some day, but it will spend most of its time loafing around town and fetching house project bits.

N Sperlo
N Sperlo MegaDork
9/16/13 12:04 p.m.

I think there is one thing to remember, and you probably already know. There are about as many variants of T5s as there are AK-47s.

Woody MegaDork
9/16/13 12:06 p.m.

My brain still automatically goes here:


ransom UberDork
9/16/13 12:27 p.m.
N Sperlo wrote: I think there is one thing to remember, and you probably already know. There are about as many variants of T5s as there are AK-47s.

That is precisely why I started this thread

I need to choose one (or a pool to draw from) and figure out how to mount it, connect it to engine and driveshaft, actuate the clutch, and shift it. Various of these will be affected by and affect the selection process...

Gearheadotaku UberDork
9/16/13 12:36 p.m.

Use a trans, bellhousing, etc from an 80's Mustang. Get it all from one car and it should work fine. This is a popular swap for the 60's Mustang crowd and should work for you too. Poke around a classic Mustang forum and you'll find all the details. There are kits.

oldopelguy Dork
9/16/13 1:20 p.m.

From my experience there are 4 considerations for the T5: case bolt pattern, input shaft, output shaft, and tail housing.

Main case pretty much comes in two flavors, Ford and GM. The GM version was used with 4- and 6-cylinder S10 and Camaro primarily and almost always is a wide ratio gear set and almost never the "world class" parts. (Almost added to cover all bases, exceptions are pretty esoteric.). The Ford case, to make things more difficult, is the one almost always used for close ratio (Astro, Chevette) or higher hp (V8 Camaro) GM applications and almost every Ford. The GM case bolts up where T10s and Saginaws did, same old '60s bolt pattern GM, and is wider than tall and rectangular, whereas the Ford is taller than wide and trapezoidal.

Tail housings are mostly different in shifter angle and setback from the main body. Closest is the S10, then chevette, Astro, mustang, then Camaro, iirc. Camaro transmissions are canted over one direction so their shifters are more difficult if you want the trans straight up and down.

Output shaft you match to the tail housing and same for the input and bell housing with the caveat that the "world class" had different bearings and your ideal combination may require machine work to upgrade an older case to accept the bigger newer bearings.

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