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10/19/17 9:16 a.m.

Story and photos by Zachary Mayne

Dave Scholz’s friends tell him he’s lucky when it comes to acquiring Datsun Z-cars, and it’s easy to see why. Not one, but two classic 240Zs have wandered into his life with minimal effort on Dave’s part—and for very little cash.

“My first Z came to me by luck,” he explains. “I had brought a magazine from Japan called Nostalgic Hero along to work with me one day that had an orange Z on the cover. I left it sitting on my desk. Someone noticed and said, ‘I think my neighbor has one of those lying around. Give him a call.’”

So Dave did just that. The owner was an older Japanese gentleman, and the two immediately hit it off. “By the end of our conversation, he had decided to gift the car to me, and unbelievably, by the next day, I had a beautiful green ’72 240Z in my garage,” says Dave, who to this day still can’t believe his luck.

While he’s owned a variety of cars over the years—everything from CRXs to a BMW 335i has passed through his garage—Dave has an affinity for ’60s and ’70s classic cars. “I keep coming back to my love of vintage cars, the visceral sensation of cranking up a triple—carbureted motor, the smell of racing fuel and brakes heating up.” Granted, the free Z wasn’t ready for the road when he got it, but it wasn’t far from streetworthy either. “All it needed was a new transmission and off it went,” he says. “I enjoyed many years with that car.” Unfortunately, Dave’s financial situation began to deteriorate some time later, so he sold the Z to a good friend, who is also an avid Datsun enthusiast.

“A couple years later, I decided finances were better and I wanted to get another Z,” Dave continues. “I checked the usual spots—craigslist, the whole deal. Nothing seemed right.” The search continued, though it had become somewhat casual by that point. Then, one day in October 2009, Dave received a forwarded email from the same friend who bought his first Z. “The email had no details at all—simply, ‘Car for sale. Moving back to Japan,’” says Dave. “There were some attached photos of a faded red 240Z with a battery charger cord coming out of the hood and—oh, of course, a phone number. From the photos, I saw that it was a 1970, and I knew right away that I wanted it—badly.”

When he contacted the owner, it was again a friendly, older Japanese gentleman who was selling the Z. “We spoke for a few minutes and he gave me a price that I still can’t believe to this day,” Dave recalls. “Most Z enthusiasts drop their jaws when I tell them.” Dave ran to the nearest bank and grabbed the cash to pay for his new Z-car.

When he showed up to see the car in Torrance, California, the owner had charged the battery and had the Z running. “The car was, frankly, in great shape, and I knew right away all it needed was a good, deep polish to look great,” says Dave. To this day, the Z has not been repainted. “It was a little bit out of tune, but I was no stranger to Z-cars under the hood.”

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10/21/17 10:17 a.m.

Wow. Just WOW!

Trackmouse SuperDork
10/21/17 11:29 a.m.

This happened to me (kind of). I was at a customer’s House with a co worker. The coworker and customer are a few decades older than me, so naturally they are ignoring the young guy in the room. Out of the blue, the customer says “hey do you want a car?” My coworker (a man with zero knowledge of cars and zero passion for it) says “SURE!”  We go to the garage, there sits a ‘73 S30! I begin oozing my knowledge of these cars and how I’ve owned several and was looking for one to restore. The customer gives it to my coworker. My coworker oinks like a pig the whole way back to the shop. He hallucinates about restoring the car and I offer to help him with that. I also told him if he wants to sell it, LET ME KNOW! Six months goes by, and the ass sells it to some guy on Craigslist after doing absolutely nothing with the car other than allowing to sit in the rain and further the rust out. /rant. 

bobpink New Reader
10/24/17 1:01 p.m.

Nice to get more of the story behind this car.

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