AxeHealey Reader
5/10/19 9:55 a.m.

I received this bike in a package deal for a Locost frame from a fellow member who had intended to combine and make a bike-engined car. I've decided that this engine won't give me enough power in the Locost whenever I build it. It's also sitting around in my way so I'd like it to move along. Ohio salvage title in my name. 

About (no pros v. cons...just facts for this beaut):

  • 1982 CB 650
  • 23,527 miles
  • Runs
  • Leaks oil
  • Kills batteries
  • Custom exhaust silencers
  • Chopped handlebars
  • No key
  • No headlight - I removed the LED worklight that was acting as a headlight.
  • Very, very pretty (HAH!)


I figure $200 is about what I paid for it and I think that's more than fair but I'd just like it out of my way and stop tempting me to make it a nice bike out of it.

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