paulrey27 None
10/21/10 5:49 a.m.


I'm new to the board and I'm a fairly new owner of a (pretty) beat up Z31. Another WARNING - I don't know much about cars as I am an architecture student and am getting into learning cars (please excuse my lack of knowledge). I owned a clean one years ago but sold it to go to school. Now I am working to get my "new" one in road worthy condition... I've been replacing all the brake hardware and changing the plugs, blah blah blah. So... why am I writing this- To get to the plugs on the right side of the motor, I had to remove some of the throttle / intake stuff (?) and this included some rubber hoses that were attached a plastic pipe that went into the throttle body.... they were rubbery at one time, now they aren't so much. So to get them off, I practically destroyed them since they were like brittle plastic. My first instinct is to go to an autoparts store. No luck. Nissan dealer.? Nope. The guy at the dealer suggested I look for a Z club. So here I am. Any ideas/suggestions? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks :)

paulrey27 New Reader
10/21/10 6:30 a.m.

Also - If this isn't where I should be asking, mind helping me out?

Luke SuperDork
10/21/10 6:42 a.m.

Vacume hoses, are they? If this site is anything to go by, you can just replace them with universal stuff. <- That guy gives the lengths & hose diameters you require.

You ought to post this in the main forum, btw, rather than 'off topic'.

And welcome

paulrey27 New Reader
10/21/10 8:27 a.m.

I can repost this in the main forum... just copy/paste?

and it's not vacuum. It's emissions I believe. The hoses are much bigger than the little vacuum lines.

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