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bustedplug New Reader
9/2/18 4:14 p.m.

In reply to paranoid_android :

I too struggled with the les paul v. strat thing . my solution humbucking strat.

I’d probably be a lot farther ahead in my playing if I hadn’t been so focused on girls.I'm so sure that it was at least 50% of the decision to start playing.

Tony Sestito
Tony Sestito PowerDork
9/2/18 6:14 p.m.
bustedplug said:

my latest acquisition


this is my first adult attempt at electric guitar-ing. and i am certainly a hack this guitar is shockingly well made.

Jackson JS32? Those are real nice for the money. I have a JS22 (basically that with a conventional Strat-style bridge) and I love it. 

poopshovel again
poopshovel again MegaDork
9/2/18 6:26 p.m.
bustedplug said:

In reply to poopshovel again :

Thanks.I have since restrung this with DR black magic strings. the were a revelation and them being "coated" is kinda cool too.

Uuuuuugh. I need to restring all my floyd-equipped guitars soon :/

Tony Sestito
Tony Sestito PowerDork
9/2/18 7:08 p.m.

Today was D Day for my newly acquired Squier Strat SE. 

First, I started with replacing the stock Squier bridge with that Wilkinson WV6-SB bridge I bought earlier this week (stock on the left, new one on the right): 

As you can see, the Wilkinson is a bit different. It has the vintage-style saddles, and the block is a much larger steel one rather than the lightweight pot metal one on the stock bridge. See those oblonged holes? More on that in a sec.

Here it is on the guitar. I did run into some slight issues. The block cavity needed some massaging on the right side to make the holes line up, and even then, they didn't want to line up 100%. Luckily, these have those oblong holes, and I was able to get it to screw in fine. Next time, I'd probably go with the GFS import-style bolt pattern bridge instead. But it's on, and it's glorious. 

Next up were the tuners. Before I mounted them, I compared the feel of them off the guitar, and they didn't feel much different. I decided on replacing them anyway. And I'm glad I did! They are much better than what was on there, with no dead spots. Plus, they look better. 

Here's the stock pickups and electronics. Not too complex. Again, I kept the stock switch and pots because they seemed to work fine. 

New pickups were luckily labeled on their baggies. I saw people complaining that they weren't labeled from some sellers, so this was a relief. 

New pickups soldered and wired. 

They say Wilkinson on the covers. The stock covers might get swapped on if I get sick of the look. 

Here's the stock cavity. So much room for activities! And humbuckers!!! But not today. Today, this is getting copper tape shielding. 

BLACK GOOOOOLLLLDDDD!!!! Err... Copper!!!!!! 

Enough of that.. onto the neck. It's not the grossest neck I've seen (that award goes to the $15 Les Paul Special I used to have) but it had never been cleaned. Like, ever. The fingerboard had never seen oil, and the frets were tarnished but largely unworn. 

And after:

Again, not a a drastic difference, but it's much cleaner than before. 

The final product:

Overall, it plays and sounds like a different guitar. It felt like a cheap toy before, but now it feels and sounds like a real deal Fender. It has unbelievable clean tones, and these pickups boosted the mids and gave the thing more punch, which is really what it needed. The bridge makes a big difference; it feels so much nicer to play now. 

The best part: if I get sick of it, I'll just swap in a loaded HSS pickguard, because Strat! laugh

bustedplug New Reader
9/2/18 7:51 p.m.

In reply to Tony Sestito :

Yes. js32 . I tried a lot of different guitars before picking this one and I think its the nicest for the money for sure. I was a little dubious of the Jackson licensed Floyd Rose, but it seems as well made as the rest of the guitar.

I bet that tone block makes a world of difference. Nice work.


BoxheadTim MegaDork
9/2/18 8:07 p.m.

I needed some guitar stands last weekend, so I went to the local Guitar Center. Also took another guitar I haven't played for at least six months to see how much they'd give me for it. Bad move.

This one caught my eye while I was there as it was pretty close to my first electric guitar (an 80s Tokai Strat) that disappeared under less than pleasant circumstances sometimes in the 90s. So clearly it had to come home with me.

It's a mid-eighties Fender Made in Japan Strat. It looks like it's been mucked about with a bit - well, the Roland guitar synth interface might be a bit of a clue - so the pick guard doesn't fit that well (bulges a bit) and the action is a bit high (like, it doubles as a hunting bow if necessary high) thanks to the Roland pickup not being fitted that well.

I'll probably have to pull it apart a bit to figure out what's really going on. The main issue is that I can't lower the strings much, if at all because the low E is already almost hitting the Roland pickup. The Roland pickup doesn't sit flat on the pickguard, which has me suspect that one of the two holes is misaligned (one of the "ears" that hold the pickup down is an integral part of the pickup, the other one looks like it's movable) and someone decided that this was a good enough job for them.

Also, the bridge pickup feels like it's providing a lot less output than the other two. Not sure yet if it's a setup issue or a pickup issue. Of course the latter could be easily cured with a quick order at Seymour Duncan or any of their competitors.

paranoid_android UltraDork
9/3/18 9:40 a.m.

In reply to Tony Sestito :

What kind of oil did you use on the fret board?

Tony Sestito
Tony Sestito PowerDork
9/3/18 10:33 a.m.

In reply to paranoid_android :

I didn't have any lemon oil, so I used a Fast Fret stick and wiped it clean after. I've done this many times in a pinch, and it works great. 

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