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mad_machine MegaDork
2/21/20 5:43 p.m.
spitfirebill said:
classicJackets said:

Insomnia, dreaming of project cars. Lady CJ and I have worked out a really good plan for our finances for the next few years that will be great for us long term, but will make doing almost anything with actual projects (at least new ones) much much harder. Living in Detroit and working/breathing automotive I'm dying to get into something classic muscle, and keep finding entry level dream cars very affordable near my family in Georgia. Tonight, is a 64 olds Cutlass/F85 coupe for $1500, no visible rust holes in the 1 picture. Arghh.. some year

So tell me about this 64 Cutlass.
Seriously, it's only going to get more expensive.  I'm surprised you could find this car for this price.  Even the pedestrian Tempest, Lemans, Cutlass and Chevelle prices are being effected by their muscle car brethren.  

Last year, while heading down to the Eastern Shore for my annual sailing vacation, I came across a boatload (literally!) of muscle cars heading down to OCNJ on the ferry. There were a suspecious number of Nova SS's in the mix..


Now for my own: I have complained before about idiots driving around with their highbeams on. I saw one today tonight that made me understand. Their lights were aimed so far down their lights looked like their were just glowing, all the light was hitting a spot about 10 feet ahead of the car. It's no wonder they are using their highs, they literally can't see a thing because they don;t know how to aim their own lights

DjGreggieP Reader
2/21/20 6:04 p.m.

I used to enjoy hopping on Kijiji and searching for deals on used parts by searching 'race' or 'racing'. It had worked in the past and I would find stuff I would purchase ($125 Recaro being one of the better ones) or send on to friends looking for something. Sometimes it would be display model Kirkey (Kirkley?) seats with padding for $25, or left over silicone hose in bulk for cheap, occasionally find drag specification wheels with rubber for under $500

Now its ads for reman starters for EVERYTHING but a racing application or like tonight 600+ ads for all season tires/all terrain off shore brand tires...

wae UltraDork
2/21/20 8:23 p.m.

I think my snap ring pliers are crap.  I've been trying to remove this snap ring for about an hour now and it's just getting embarrassing at this point.

wae UltraDork
2/21/20 9:12 p.m.

Finally.  Damned thing is off.

jfryjfry Dork
2/21/20 9:19 p.m.

In reply to wae :

Did it shoot across the garage?

Recon1342 HalfDork
2/21/20 9:28 p.m.
jfryjfry said:

In reply to wae :

Did it shoot across the garage?

Into the farthest  possible recess it can find so as to be  unreachable?

Appleseed MegaDork
2/21/20 10:17 p.m.
Recon1342 said:
jfryjfry said:

In reply to wae :

Did it shoot across the garage?

Into the farthest  possible recess it can find so as to be  unreachable?

Or did it slip and you gave yourself a big fat blood blister?

wae UltraDork
2/22/20 1:33 a.m.

Amazingly it did not!  And the other side came out without any drama at all.  I don't know what was going on but it took me almost 2 hours of screwing around with that thing to get it removed.

Continuing to rant: Despite being the correct part number for the version with coarse thread lug studs it came with fine thread, so I had to press out all 16 of the studs and uggadugga the old ones in. 

Toyman01 MegaDork
2/22/20 7:48 a.m.

Yesterday morning it was pollen on the cars. This morning it's ice. 

At least the weather isn't boring. 

RevRico PowerDork
2/22/20 10:21 a.m.

berkeley cancer.

NickD PowerDork
2/22/20 1:35 p.m.

Two of my friends, Cody and Zach, are planning on going to PAX East in Boston next week. Every week, a new developer, publisher or company announces they aren't attending or will have a diminished presence due to coronavirus. Me and my other friend, Anthony, keep pointing out that maybe they shouldn't go, because of the possible chance of catching (especially because Cody has a hideously bad immune system and gets pnuemonia three or four times a winter and goes to the hospital for asthma attacks from grass at least once a month) at worst. At best, they're just going to be wandering around an empty convention hall. Their response: "Well, the CDC has said they're going to have people there." Okay, if the CDC is going to have a large, publicly announced presence at an event, that's a sign that you shouldn't go to said event. I've already told them I don't want to see them for a full month, until I'm certain they haven't caught the Chinese bioweapon.

Antihero SuperDork
2/22/20 7:13 p.m.

Apparently they are transferring corona virus patients close by.


A local newspaper took a pic of one of the people in the transfer not wearing protective gear.



NickD PowerDork
2/22/20 8:33 p.m.

In reply to Antihero :

We're going to have a full-blown pandemic before this is through because they keep moving these people all around.

Datsun310Guy UltimaDork
2/22/20 9:05 p.m.

In reply to NickD :

I went to the Chem Show 3 weeks or so after 9/11 happened.  Day two in New York was dead and we dismantled our booth the first hour of day three and went home. It was a waste to show up.  

Sometimes it's worth it to blow off those shows.  

MrChaos SuperDork
2/22/20 9:32 p.m.

A bios update killed my motherboard. I was planning to upgrade, just not now....  The battery in the brand new veloster N was dead this morning so I had to use my jump pack on it.   The volvo I wanted got sold.

Recon1342 HalfDork
2/22/20 10:11 p.m.

In reply to MrChaos :

Well, E36 M3.


mad_machine MegaDork
2/22/20 10:43 p.m.

getting tired of all the personal watercraft attacking the forum...

barefootskater SuperDork
2/22/20 10:49 p.m.

SIL lives in the basement. Wife says "hey can you go look in her bathroom? The ceiling is falling down."


so about a month ago she takes this picture:

she then says nothing. For a month. 

so that spot is right under the bathroom on the main floor. Apparently the wax ring has failed and the plumbing apprentice (me) gets to do free work, most of which is hazmat levels of grossness and roach(?) poop. And mold. And I'm sure I'll be the one hanging new sheet rock when the rest of it is cleaned up. 

And yes, mask and gloves. This isn't how I wanted to spend my Saturday night. 

Antihero SuperDork
2/23/20 12:45 p.m.
NickD said:

In reply to Antihero :

We're going to have a full-blown pandemic before this is through because they keep moving these people all around.

Let's hope not, but I have my doubts

slowbird Dork
2/23/20 2:00 p.m.

berkeleyin wheel is stuck to the berkeleyin hub

Duke MegaDork
2/23/20 3:05 p.m.

OMBG I cannot go 48 hours without one or both of our dailies getting berking paved with birdcrap from the tree over our driveway.  No sooner do I wash a car and park it in the driveway before a crowd of birds comes through, craps all over it, and disappears. 

Seriously, the Concert Coach has been parked on the street all winter under a similar tree not 40 feet away. It hasn't moved in 2 months and It has about 20% as birdcrap on it as either of the dailies, both of which got washed and parked since Thursday. 

Dusterbd13-michael MegaDork
2/23/20 3:17 p.m.

My back is killing me. 

And this mustang is kicking my butt. 

AngryCorvair MegaDork
2/23/20 3:30 p.m.
slowbird said:

berkeleyin wheel is stuck to the berkeleyin hub

Install the lugs about 1/2-turn loose, then go drive in circles with that wheel on the outside of the circle.

NickD PowerDork
2/23/20 4:22 p.m.

In reply to Duke :

One word: shotgun

KyAllroad (Jeremy)
KyAllroad (Jeremy) UltimaDork
2/23/20 7:27 p.m.

Phew.  Teenaged emotions and hormones are challenging the quiet and calm I enjoy in my household.

Currently it's my son, freshly turned 18, who recently broke up with his girlfriend.  He's not coping with it well.   Being pissy and moody.  This weekend he punched a hole in one wall.   Kicked a hole in another. Punched a hole in his bathroom door.  And broke a bathroom scale.

He'll spend his next weekend with me putting in hours repairing all of his damage.  Maybe the hours spent fixing his damage for the seconds of loss of control will be a lesson in self discipline.

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