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frenchyd PowerDork
11/24/20 3:11 p.m.
Rons said:

In reply to RossD :

Given you're in your forever home there are ways to future proof it. Can stairs be eliminated? Is there a bathroom with an accessible shower? Can you add an elevator? I ask these questions from talking to my sister - she is a Community Care Worker for Vancouver Coastal Health and when a residence is properly set up many people are able to age in place

I too have stairs in my forever property. But there are plans for an elevator when needed.  The 3rd floor will no longer be used for an office but guest quarters. ( or a live in caretaker ) And the first floor will remain my shop and the entrance to the elevator.  Leaving the main level with everything such as bathrooms shower laundry room ( adjacent to master Bedroom ). 
night lights hardwired throughout the house. Lever door handles instead of knobs. ( easier if arthritis crippled hands ) tilt in windows for ease of cleaning. enSuite  with night lites.  Doors large enough for wheel chairs, Handlebars around tub and walk-in shower large enough for two.   All hardwood flooring with no rugs for tripping hazard. 

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