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Jerry UberDork
6/9/18 7:14 p.m.

Not a Hotwheel but I haven't shared in awhile.  Got this today while out shopping vintage toy stores on my birthday after the rallycross got flooded out.

Aaron_King PowerDork
6/11/18 2:59 p.m.

Has anyone found the Euro Speed cars around Columbus Ohio?  My middle son's favorite car is the R8 and I would really like to get him the race car one from that set.

Appleseed MegaDork
6/11/18 3:16 p.m.

I'll keep my eyes pealed in my area. 

Carson SuperDork
6/11/18 5:05 p.m.

Picked up this in the check out line of the grocery store

MazdaFace Dork
6/16/18 4:49 p.m.

MazdaFace Dork
6/28/18 10:24 a.m.

Cousin Eddie - there is a garage sale this weekend at 161 saddle club that supposedly is going to have a bunch of 20+ year old hot wheels. I don't know much more than that. Figured you should know 

MazdaFace Dork
7/26/18 4:26 a.m.

Wasn't there someone on here looking for one of the Mercedes eurospeeds? Could have sworn I saw that. 

Adrian_Thompson MegaDork
8/1/18 8:07 a.m.

Unlike many of you I don't brows the Hotwheels isle every time I go to the store, but this last weekend I was in Chicago visiting extended family and happened to go to two different shops and happened to go through the Hotwheels.  I got one of each of these at thr two different locations.  I was delighted as I have been tangential involved in the GT since the project inception.  I saw the first sketches around December 13



I don't know why it shows rotated.  It appears in the correct orientation on my phone and as saved on my HD.

slantvaliant UltraDork
8/1/18 8:32 a.m.

Got another '64 Barracuda, this one in red.  Like this:


If they only made a '64 Valiant 4-door in white with a red interior ...

Aaron_King PowerDork
9/12/18 1:52 p.m.

Got this over the weekend.  

nderwater UltimaDork
9/12/18 1:56 p.m.

Wow, need that!!

logdog UltraDork
9/12/18 7:04 p.m.

Im way more excited about this Tuk-Tuk than I should be.

dropstep UltraDork
9/12/18 9:36 p.m.

The 50th anniversary zamac line finally showed up at my local wal mart after 3 weeks of seeing the display. I got the mustang and demon today. I need more space now.

nutherjrfan SuperDork
10/7/18 2:22 a.m.
lotusseven7 Reader
10/7/18 10:12 a.m.

Walked into the Dollar General that is in one of our buildings and was looking for signs of any roof leaks. While walking to the back of the store, there were some Hot Wheels hanging on the end cap of one of the  aisles. I quickly glanced down and noticed the Lotus 7 on the card. Score!!!


Appleseed MegaDork
10/8/18 7:54 a.m.

Bubble Matic. Blows bubbles. Yes.


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