Mental SuperDork
5/20/08 10:31 a.m.

So I am not the only biker here, but I may be the only World Superbike fan, that notwithstanding, I got this off my local sportbike message board...

Clarkie said:So we just found out today that my bro-in-law (and our current basement dweller) Scott Jensen got word that he has a Wild Card for the WSBK event at Miller Motorsports Park. At this stage he is the ONLY American that has been offered a wildcard for the event

Doing the WSBK event along with the AMA SBK/Superstock races comes with it's own list of logistical headaches, like since his AMA SBK is also his WSBK the wheels and tires from one event cant go anywhere near the the other area. It's to do with the control tire setup, he cant use his US tires for the WSBK or the WSBK tires for the AMA event.

The schedule for him is nuts as well, he is on track for almost 7 hours on Saturday and will have the AMA SBK #1 race, back to back with the AMA Superstock race, back to back with WSBK Superpole if he makes top 16 cutoff. On Sunday he has WSBK #1, then AMA #2, then WSBK #2, then we get drunk

The other huge factor in doing the WSBK weekend is the cost, so if you feel so inclined and want to help out the American Wildcard you can go to Scott's website ( ) and click the donate button

For those who have been here a while, someone did a similiar effort with the Bubba Drift team that was driving a GMC Cabelleo in the D1 championship. Those guys did a heck of a job standing up for the privateers. Scott Jensen is the same kinda guy. If anyone watches Superbikes, they profiled him on an epidoe where he had to swap the engine from a streetbike into his racebike after qualifying and he met the grid an hour later. This guy is pretty grassroots, even if he is on two wheels.

Yeah its a shameless plug for a biker, but even if you don't follow the sport or donate, you can puruse the site and boost his post count and maybe help his sponsership. But if you happen to turn on the race on Sunday June after Nascar race (June 2, 3:00 ET) you can at least root for the guy.

Dr. Hess
Dr. Hess SuperDork
5/20/08 12:40 p.m.

I remember that Superbikes episode. Cool.

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