tuna55 MegaDork
11/5/18 1:21 p.m.

Since you guys know many things...


I want to embetter my orion skyquest xt8 classic dobsonian with a much more better eyepiece so I can see planets other than the one I am standing on right now. With the stock setup, I can see Saturn's rings, but with a telescope this big I want more.




But can I order any of these and disassemble the hand plastic bits to use it in or out of the telescope? Or is there a better option without spending too much more than that?





1988RedT2 UltimaDork
11/5/18 4:29 p.m.

The reviews sound like it's a good value.  I'm not sure what it is that you are proposing to do with it.  Can you 'splain it some more?

tuna55 MegaDork
11/5/18 5:22 p.m.

In reply to 1988RedT2 :



 I’m looking for a new Eyepiece for my telescope, but there are four configurations of buying that one, some contain plastic holders for the Eyepiece is to be used separately, but I want to know is can I take it out of the handy plastic case and use it in my telescope as originally intended? 

1988RedT2 UltimaDork
11/5/18 8:52 p.m.

Yeah, I am a little confused by the choices.  The 1.25" eyepiece option is the most expensive, and looks substantially different from the $19.99 option.  It seems unlikely that the $19.99 item would serve the same purpose as the $36.49 item.  The reviews do seem positive, but there aren't a lot of them.  Seems like a crapshoot.

The0retical UltraDork
11/8/18 12:52 p.m.

I asked someone who used to make them since we were a bit out of my general knowledge.

The answer, as usual, is it depends.

If you're looking for a fixed focal length eyepiece, it probably won't be constructed in such a manner that you can just pop the Plossl (guessing it's that construction since it's an ultra wide view eye piece) out and drop it into a telescope since it has both a variable focus and zoom which introduces a negative lens or lenses into the equation.

If you want an interesting DIY project, there's a place near me called Surplus Shed who sells lenses taken out of other optics for a pretty competitive price. You can actually roll your own for pretty cheap with some lenses, a piece of drain pipe, a couple spacers, some glue and some tape if you want to go that route.


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