Brucekapanke77 None
1/12/18 8:19 p.m.

Kart won 2015 shifter class at RA.  Not run in '16 due to health reasons. Finally able to run last autox at Miller Park in Sep '17. Had FTD going after first heat, but while working on my chain tension between heats my heart stopped. They were able to save me-thank you Dale B., but had to put a pacemaker in. Now have issues with running kart and being too close to stator-so they tell me(anyone with concrete experience-your input is desired). Best shifter I have had in 20 years of running them. Kart is a 32/30 frame($6500 in 2015)-has frame savers, 6 speed YZ125(compression at 155] by Swedetech that is basically stock as told to me at time of rebuild. Now has 6-8 hours on the bottom, 2-3 on top end. Kart is fitted with Lg Tillett, Mychron 2T, Lg Champion radiator,pump around carb, really nice floating brakes,  50mm axle, 2 sets of wheels-MG greens and Hoosier R50's. Also comes with 3 top end kits, extra sets of gears 15, 16, 17 26, 27, lg set of pilots and mains, extra programed ignition from Swedetech, kart stand, suit , and helmet(worn once). Kart is well sorted and could go for a run at Nationals. Looking to get $3800 or maybe trade for a miata(cash on my side if needed). Have a CRX as daily driver. but not sure if I can autox without my head in  the wind... Can send pics if you email me at  Am listing here because I'd love for an autoxer to get it, and the regular kart forums are full of too many scammers-just love getting a $1500 dollar check for a motor I am selling at $900...

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