Bob Race
Bob Race New Reader
11/29/16 8:25 p.m.

Full gallery (44 photos) is available here. I don't want to completely clog this post with images!

1999 Plymouth Neon ACR, $4000 OBO, 155700mi, all records from new (including maintenance and window sticker). No accidents, no rust, gorgeous condition. Includes a new set of OEM Koni Yellows.

Remember the Neon ACR? For those unfamiliar, it was Chrysler's FWD foray into SCCA beginning in 1995. It proved to be exceedingly dominant in SSC (winning three consecutive titles from 1995-1997) and a superb autocross platform. The ACR was built on the base-model Neon (either Dodge or Plymouth) and fitted with rebound-adjustable Koni Yellows for '97+, 3.94:1-final-drive five-speed, quick-ratio steering rack, thicker front hubs, larger swaybars, and firm bushings throughout. Adjustable camber (until '98, when Chrysler instead published the SCCA-legal strut template) and a few "trunk kit" parts (intake, aggressive ECU, etc) made up for the fact that only air conditioning, radio, and a rear defroster were available as options.

This is one of the very last 1st-gen ACRs, a late-production MY1999 car optioned with factory A/C. I only need so many ACRs and this one deserves a home where it'll be driven regularly and appreciated. As far as I can tell, this might be the nicest original 1st-gen Neon left, even more so as an unmolested ACR. It was never a track car. I recently took it on a 1200-mile road trip and wouldn't hesitate to drive it anywhere.

The interior is nearly immaculate. The squiggle seat fabric and bolsters look and feel brand-new, front and rear. There is no wear on the matching fabric of the door panels either, and the only stain is on the driver's side floormat near the clutch pedal. (I haven't bothered trying to remove it.) The plastics inside are flawless with no fading or warping whatsoever, and headliner is as-new. There is no evidence of water leaks from any of the seals. The first owner installed a stereo and speakers but I have the bagged, original radio block-off plate. The door seals and frameless window seals were proactively replaced. You can hear trailing-edge window whistling at some speeds though I don't know of Neon coupe that doesn't. Non-smoker's car.

The air conditioning blows ice cold and the heat will melt your hands into the steering wheel. All blend doors function.

All dash gauges, lights, and odometer/trip function and are unfaded.

There's a bit of fabric fading on the back side of the rear headrests. Someone chewed on the button for the handbrake.

The trunk is in excellent condition - no wear, no stains, and no evidence of water intrusion. I believe the trunk and taillight seals were replaced along with the interior ones. The recess housing the spare and tool kit also shows no wear (as well as no water stains on the cardboard cover).

Paint is in superb condition and would look wonderful with a good claybar and waxing. There are two rock chips in the leading edge of the hood and a few small chips on the rockers, as well as a few very small dings. These can be seen in the gallery. There is no corrosion, and the door jambs, lower edge of the doors, and rocker panels are beautiful. The hood received some paint work in December 1999 due to some debris, but it appears new and blends perfectly. The dealer installed an incorrect R/T spoiler when new. The spoiler paintjob hasn't held up well and could use some prep and a fresh coat. The dealer installed secondary trunk springs to accommodate the additional weight. This is a Mississippi car so the bumper was never drilled for a front plate.

The DOHC runs great and has documentation showing that it is up-to-date with all maintenance. No fluid leaks. Timing belt, water pump, cam seals, etc were replaced at 106,679mi and the clutch, throwout bearing, etc was replaced at 140,095mi. A NeonGoodies bobble strut is installed as well. All vacuum lines, gaskets, etc underhood are pliable and crack-free. There is a slight exhaust leak when cold, though I haven't bothered to determine if it's the manifold or the manifold-catalyst donut gasket.
The transmission shifts beautifully with no issues and no leaks. The shifter has Booger Bushings installed and the trans-side ones are included as well. I neglected to take any photos of the engine bay, but it compares similarly the the rest of the car. Would be happy to take some more photos, of course!

I have a full set of new OEM Koni Yellows to go on the car (these have been out of production for probably a decade). Non-original KYB struts are installed. Handles very well, but with the KYBs and a conservative alignment, it's definitely not on-par with my Koni/PerformanceDriven-equipped '96. Tie rod ends, hubs, upper strut mounts, bushings, etc have been replaced over time and all work as expected.

Tires are in decent shape but terrible (Nankang 205/60R14). Get some second-gen 15x6" wheels (second-gen Neon wheels are cheap and light) and some 205/50R15 RE71Rs - you know you want to. Original ACR 14x6" wheels are in excellent condition with some flaking paint on the center caps. I don't recall any curb rash but I'm sure the are some minor scrapes here and there.

Let me know if there are any questions! I'd be happy to take additional photos of anything not already shown. (901) 831-2147. Text is best, but feel free to call after 6PM EST.

Dusterbd13 PowerDork
11/29/16 8:39 p.m.

I want this.

Had a 97 acr in lapis blue, and miss it every day.

Want a 2001 miata?

Or a 2003 protege5?

DrBoost UltimaDork
11/29/16 8:47 p.m.

Holy cow is that nice. And for the condition and particulars of the model, the price seems fair.

Donebrokeit Dork
11/30/16 11:19 a.m.

Very nice car. Wish I was not buying a house.


Duke MegaDork
11/30/16 1:40 p.m.

Yeah, if I was in the market for a small 2-door I'd be looking this up. Very nice.

trucke Dork
11/30/16 2:35 p.m.

What a beautiful car at a great price. I'm sure it will go quickly.

I see you are a turbocharger design engineer. Seems I bought a bike rack from one of your coworkers (Austin) recently.

Welcome to our community.

Bob Race
Bob Race New Reader
11/30/16 9:33 p.m.

Just added contact info the first post - wasn't thinking.

I should've mentioned that I'm not in a position to take trades, but thanks! I've found myself juggling more cars than I can count on one hand, and that's a problem for my garage, wallet, and emotional well-being.

trucke, I recognize that FX16! My more "seasoned" ACR may look familiar from HSCC events. Of the two drivers, I'm the slow guy.

trucke Dork
12/1/16 9:49 a.m.
Bob Race wrote: trucke, I recognize that FX16! My more "seasoned" ACR may look familiar from HSCC events. Of the two drivers, I'm the slow guy.

You're not slow. Matt is quick though! Looking forward to getting to know you next season.

RacingComputers New Reader
12/11/16 3:45 p.m.

Text have you

SyntheticBlinkerFluid UltimaDork
12/12/16 1:33 a.m.
RacingComputers wrote: Text have you

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

Bob Race
Bob Race New Reader
12/12/16 8:51 p.m.

As threatened, an underhood shot:

Cell phone shots of an unwashed engine bay aren't flattering, but there's no surface corrosion to speak of (except for those KYB strut tops, oddly enough, but that's what the new Konis are for...). Brake lines and fittings along the firewall are good as new, and there's no spotting under the battery tray or along the seam sealer - common Neon trouble zones.

I should note that if anyone has an interest in feeling how this car would drive with the Konis, trunk kit springs, and an aggressive alignment, you're welcome to go for a spin in my other ACR. There's a world of difference, though whether or not the springs are suitable for a daily driver is certainly up for debate.

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